New Music NZB's

How To Download NZB Music

How to Download NZB Music

This tutorial will explain how to download NZB music files from just about any artist.

Step 1 - Download and Install a NZB newsreader Software

You will need an NZB file. I recommend

Step 2 - Find NZB Files

You can find NZB files to download with an NZB Indexing site such as or Most of these nzb indexxing sites sites are free.

Step 3 - Find Usenet Newsgroup Server Info

An NZB file contains a list of pointers to files that reside on Usenet servers, which is one of the the oldest systems of the internet. All NZB (newgroup client) reader programs require are that you enter information for at least one Usenet "newsgroup" server. These servers can be accessed by any kind of computer, and the information below is identical no matter what kind of computer you are using.

Most ISP's offer a free newsgroup server that you can use. Some are very limites though. You should consider purchasing a usenet subscription to get the full benefit of the most choice opf newsgroups and the best artyicle retention times.

The following nntp (usenet server) information is what you will need:

1. The news server URL - Example:
2. Your username/password
3. Port Number (nntp port) - which is almost always 119
4. Number of simultaneous connections permitted - More connections equals faster downloads. Newsgroup readers support multiple connections, that allows a single file to be downloaded in many smaller pieces.

While you are talking to your ISP, ask them about monthly data limits, and if there is a speed limit on the server. If there are strict limitations, don't worry about this for now.

Once you have learned the basics, you can use the information in Step 9 to find a better newsgroup server.

Step 4 - PAR files

NZB files will typically contain PAR (parity) files. The PAR files contain error-correction information and are used to check, when required, repair the files you have downloaded.

Step 5 - RAR files

NZB files contain RAR files. RAR is popular because it is a very good compression method. This enables large downloads to be compressed to save time and bandwidth when downloading them.

RAR archives come in sets of files. Essentially, large files are broken up into smaller parts, and stored in dozens of RAR files. So, once you have finished downloading the NZB file's contents, you will have a folder full of PAR and RAR files.

Once you have extracted the files contained within the RAR, you can delete way the PARs and RARs. If you are missing one or two segments, you can usually have the PAR files recreate them, but in general, you want to make sure to collect all the segments.

If you use a SVF file first, that will check that all the RAR files are present and are valid and free of corruption. PAR files are not even required at this point.

Most newsgroup readers have automatic unRARing built in, and contain RAR decoders that you can use on RAR files that you find by other means. Both programs make the entire PAR-and-RAR process very easy.

Step 6 - Codecs to Play NZB Audio Files

At a minimum, you will want to install an AC3 audio codec. If you play an audio file, and do not hear any audio, then that means you don't have the right audio codec installed.

Step 7 - RAR Archives

Sometimes you will get a simple file such as an FLAC that you can just double-click on to play. Other times, you will get files that you have never heard of before. Your computer will prompt you to select a program to open any unknown file types.

This may seem very confusing and elaborate, but there are a limited number of variations, and it doesn't really take that long to learn them all.

Step 8 - Burn Files to CD or DVD

Some of the files you find inside a RAR will be incompatible on your computer. They will have to be burned to a CD or DVD first. You will need a program to burn cd's and dvd such as ConvertXtoDVD.

Step 9 - Subscribe to a Premium Newsgroup Server

Most ISP's do not offer free Usenet newsgroup services any longer, and if they do, most put speed and/or download limits on their free servers. NZB downloading requires simultaneous connections, and most ISP's only allow a small number of simultaneous connections to their server.

If you are not satisfied with what your ISP offers, you can sign up with a "third party" news-service-provider or "Newsgroup Service". You connect to your Newsgroup server via your existing internet connection, and you use the information supplied by your NSP in your NZB client software.

Step 10 - Limitations of the NZB Method

If you are fanatical about acquiring certain types of files, you won't want to rely upon the NZB method exclusively. You will want to plunge directly into Usenet itself. This may require manually connecting to a usenet server and downloading articles manually. This may happen if you are missing rar files and there are also missing par files.